Live a Balanced Lifestyle


Nowadays with busy work schedules, overtime work, deadlines, further/extra studies, kids, rising petrol prices, inflation, social obligations, house chores, mortgage repayments, etc., it is getting harder and harder for many people to stay healthy, stress-free and happy. Many of us end up disregarding our physical, mental and emotional well-being just to ensure we stay on top of things and that the bills are paid for, our project deadlines are met, our kids go to private schools, etc.

What many people fail to consider is: What is the point of doing all of this if you’re not going to enjoy and live a happy life?

Living a balanced lifestyle is the key to ensuring that you can have time for yourself, your work, your friends, your family and time to enjoy life and the people and things around you. Admittedly, achieving one is easier said than to be done. But if you are discipline and really try to challenge yourself, you will get there and you would never want to look back.

To help you along your journey, I have listed out some general tips in this article and ways to go about balancing your life, work and commitments. Articles to follow will deal more with specific health issues.

1. Indulge in yourself

By indulging and taking care of yourself, this can significantly reduce your stress levels and clear your mind so that you’re in a better frame of mind to tackle any issues, problems and unexpected challenges that pop up along the way. Reduction of stress is important as high levels of stress have been shown to significantly impact negatively on one’s mental and emotional health. Hence, as part of a balanced lifestyle, activities that are stress-reducing are important and I have listed out a few ideas to get you started.

  • Get up slightly earlier in the morning and take your time to use the bathroom, brush your hair, stretch and apply your make up (if you use make up) before everyone else wakes up. The few extra minutes of quietness in the morning can be extremely therapeutic and relaxing before the day really begins.
  • If you absolutely cannot afford to take a 30 min break, lean back on your chair, close your eyes and zone out for 5 – 10 mins. Daydream about positive things such as the amazing dinner you’re going to be having tonight, the dinner you have scheduled to see your best friend or the weekend coming up. Think happy thoughts and when you open your eyes, straighten your posture, smile and get back to work. You will be surprise at how simple things can really boost your energy, approach and motivation.

2. Take care of your body

Since we take time to indulge in ourselves, as part of a balanced lifestyle, we must also take time to care for ourselves. Caring for ourselves and our body involves eating a balanced diet and exercise. Approaching this with a positive can-do attitude will also make things a lot easier, and in combination with these ideas, you will be on your way to achieving a balanced lifestyle in no time.

Eat a Well-Balanced Diet

Remember this phase: “Those who think they have no time for healthy eating will sooner or later have to find time for illness” . The reason why eating well is so essential for a balanced lifestyle is because having a balanced diet will ensure that your body is functioning well, you have more energy for your day and you will have a lower chance of falling sick or developing any illnesses/diseases.

  • Eat in moderation. Remember, we are not going on a diet; we are aiming to have a lifestyle change which means no strict diets or regime. Just honest good ways to live a little healthier and enjoy a more balanced and healthy lifestyle.


Exercise is not only a fantastic way to reduce stress, it is great for the waist line, your skin, mental health and ensuring that your bodily functions are at their optimum. If you’re “too busy” for exercise, schedule it like how you will schedule your other work appointments and social events. By committing it down on your calendar, you are more likely to stick with it and be motivated to do it. Make sure that the exercise is something you love to do. So for example, if you don’t like running or hitting the gym, go for a bike ride instead.

3. Prioritise your life

To enjoy a balanced lifestyle, you need to manage all aspects of your life: Work, health, fitness, relationships, family and mental well-being. However, realistically, it can get unbelievably hard to manage all aspects of this and become bogged down with one aspect (i.e. work) and ignore the rest (i.e. your diet or time spent with your loved ones). Therefore, it is vital that you take some steps and tips to ensure you maintain on top of things so that you can enjoy all areas of your life.

  • Plan and think ahead at the start of each week to assess what events are coming up. Make sure you dedicate adequate time to finishing up your work and assign quality time for yourself; this includes scheduling time for exercise, social events and “Me-time”. A good trick to do is to overestimate the amount of time you need to complete a task this will ensure you have more than enough time to deliver high quality work, spend high quality time with your friends and yourself.

4. Do something you find meaningful in your spare time

Happiness comes from achieving a positive sense of well-being and achievement, and this can occur from developing relationships with people. When we believe that we have helped another person in a certain way, chemicals in our brain actually react and make us feel good about ourselves in a selfless kind of way. Meaningful ways to spend your time include volunteering at the local dogs shelter or elderly homes, or visiting a friend in hospital, or going to see your grandparents/parents that you haven’t seen for a while, or catching up with a friend that you know is going through a hard time, or assisting the new colleague of yours in finishing up his project. Remember, the meaning of life is to live a life of purpose and you can only get the most out of your life if you can manage all aspects of your life that are important to you.

Success is made over the weekend


There are numerous definitions of success. Some people specify success as money made; some define success according to power obtained; others define success as attaining a personal objective. Whatever your very own definition of success, there are specific qualities that effective individuals share: perseverance and durability.

In her book, what the most successful individuals do on the weekends, Laura Van der Kam says that pursuing success is not a part-time job; it means continuously working towards a goal. On the weekends, giving way to household and other interests might be in the very best interest of success. Here are some lessons that we can learn from different hugely successful individuals across the world.

Never ever turn off

One essential characteristic of successful individuals is having the ability to recognise opportunities that provide themselves. Even on the weekends your brain ought to be switched on and open to possibilities. While work/life balances is an exceptionally fundamental part of being at the top of your video game throughout work hours, success also indicates being able to benefit from chances– even after business hours.

When chair and CEO of Mittal, Lakshmi Mittal faced the mayor of London, Boris Johnson, prior to the Olympic Games in 2012, this is precisely what he did. Johnson wanted a gigantic steel statuary built for the Games and who better than the Chief Executive Officer of among the world’s biggest steel companies (one in every five automobiles is made from ArcelorMittal steel) to supply the steel. Mittal jumped at the concept. It took him less than a minute to identify the value and the business was included from the beginning.

Idea: Exercise your networking abilities while exercising your muscles. Collect a group of enthusiasts from work and form a regular workout group. Attempt to include some higher-ups and chat with them while you’re exercising together. Whether it’s biking, running, squash, or golf, any kind of sport is as great for your body and mind as it is for your career.

Absolute commitment to a goal

Being successful leaves no room for being sub-par. This is partially the reason that the most effective individuals seem to have the most extraordinary biographies. Having an objective and being definitely committed to it implies that even on the weekends, when a concept or crisis strikes, it’s time for action.

This is the experience of the Director General of the World Wellness Organisation (WHO), Dr Margaret Chan, who developed the Strategic Wellness Operations Centre to watch on the world’s health. The centre keeps Chan in the loop relating to any possible pandemics like an especially unsafe stress of flu.

Tip: It’s not required to keep your phone or laptop on and with you all the time on the weekend but pick an hour to check for prospective situations. If you can be the very first to jump on a situation it can provide you a benefit.

Spend quality time with loved ones

Buddies and family can be a vital source of support and support. When asked exactly what he regrets the most, chair and Chief Executive Officer of News Corp, one of the largest media conglomerates on the planet, Rupert Murdoch says that he regrets not spending more time with his youngsters. Although he values having the ability to work with his kids, he also wants he’d spent more quality time with them, and this doesn’t suggest simply sitting at home with them. Quality time to him indicates experiencing something brand-new and making memories with them.

When Virginia Rometty, CEO of IBM, was provided a substantial promo to a high powered position early in her career, it was her partner who encouraged her that she prepared which she could be exceptionally successful. She accepted largely on the basis of his belief in her and his encouragement.

Tip: Hectic individuals often discover scheduling is the best method to obtain things done. Make a standing consultation at least as soon as a week with those closest to you. Lunch with a pal, dinner with your partner, a hike with your family once a week can fit easily into your calendar.

Indulge your interests

Having interests and hobbies beyond work is necessary in achieving success in your career. Non-work related interests and activities give you a chance to allow your hard-working mind to focus on something else so that you do not get worn down and it can likewise offer an important source of ideas. Weekends supply the ideal chance to permit yourself to become absorbed in your other interests.

Rometty serves on the Board of Overseers and the Board of Managers at the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Centre. Also, Mittal’s frustration in the performance of the Indian athletes in various Olympic Games stimulated the concept for the Mittal Champion’s Trust which sponsors numerous possible gold medal winners so that they have a much better possibility at future Games.

Idea: Search for a pastime that is loosely related to your career goal. This indicates that you are letting yourself out of your work mind set but are also not allowing yourself to diverge too much.

Surround yourself with things you love

Jill Abramson, managing editor of the New York Times, once stated that she has actually found out numerous things from her precious dogs that she has applied to the newsroom. Although the comment sparked ire, she was discussing how favourable reinforcement has the tendency to be a more effective management technique than negative reinforcement. Her office space is also decorated with various knick-knacks, consisting of cushions embroidered with her canines’ images.

No person is immune to anxiety and this is an excellent tool for managing tension. Your climb the ladder of success may effectively be foremost in your mind, and so it ought to be, however the climbs up can likewise be difficult. Having the ability to get out of that area and into a delighted place can assist you get viewpoint and motivation and reduce career-limiting stress.

Pointer: If your office allows it, decorate your office or work area with things that advise you of your happy location. Photos, mementoes, work you’re proud of, honours and anything else that can keep you focused on your objective should be in plain sight.

Ensure your job is your weekend interest

The old stating goes that you’ll do better at your task if it’s something you love. This sage piece of suggestions is still real today. Joseph (Sepp) Blatter, Head of state of FIFA says that football keeps him going and he takes pleasure in football every day. The most successful individuals love their jobs not just during the work day however in spite of it. Taking time out on the weekend to indulge the aspects of your work that you love is not only efficient but also keeps the kindling of love for your work lit. Whatever your task, make sure you are interested in it as well.

Tip: If you’re having a hard time to discover something you love about your job, think about the enthusiasm you had for your work when you began working. Try to recapture that by thinking of why you wanted the job you have and keep in mind all the dazzling ideas you had then. Attempt to analyze those moments and recreate that feeling. Quickly you’ll be supplementing your weekday work on the weekend – and enjoying it.

Successful people are all very different: some make sure that they work out strongly every day; others spend every minute making sure that they preserve their status as top of the pack; others naturally appear to stabilize their entire lives around their success. Whatever your strategy to arrive rung, remember that there are two things you have to practice: determination and durability.

Easy-To-Follow tips for Preserving Physical fitness


Physical fitness can be an exciting thing. In terms of taking better care of yourself and sculpting your body so that you can live a happier and healthier life is genuinely an amazing thing. To start discovering some fundamentals as to ways to make this work for you, refer to the pointers below.

Do not be afraid to request for aid at the gym. If you have no idea how to utilize a machine, go on and ask. Comprehending how to use both the aerobic and strength structure devices will certainly offer you the self-confidence to in fact use them. The more comfortable you are, the more probable you are to maintain your workouts.

Wear shoes that are appropriate for the sort of workout you’re doing. The ideal pair of shoes can make or break your workout and may be the huge difference between continuing and stopping. Try on various shoes to ensure you have on the most comfy pair and see to it to replace them when they get worn.

Exercising with a buddy or a group of good friends is a terrific way to keep you inspired. Not just is it a great deal of fun to work out or play sports with buddies, a friendly competition will certainly keep you on your toes and at the top of your video game. Simply see to it that the competition does not obstruct of your friendship.

Dance is a good way to exercise and have a good time. It might appear like a basic leisure activity; however dance is a complete body exercise. It integrates cardiovascular exercise with core strength exercise and stretching and flexibility. There are a variety of dance techniques that can offer you an appropriate exercise alternative to conventional styles.

Develop your abdominals with dead lifts and squats. These sets of workouts actually supply your abdominal muscles with a comprehensive exercise that really puts them to work and builds them up quickly. Another benefit to doing these regularly is that they also help to enhance your entire body’s posture.

If you wish to enhance your strength, make certain to stretch in between sets. You should take about 20 to 30 seconds to stretch the muscles that you have simply worked. It has been discovered that guys who stop and stretch in between sets increase their strength by about 20 percent. It does not take long and can have great benefits.

If you want your fitness program to work, adjust your living environment to promote health and wellness. Get rid of junk foods and stock up on veggies and fruits. Do not smoke and ask others not to smoke in your presence. Likewise, get plenty of sleep and stay clear of overindulging in alcohol. Fitness is about more than simply working out!

Your body will certainly inform you when you need to take a break. Some individual trainers are quite rigorous about when and how you should rest throughout your exercise. The truth is that you ought to act upon the signals that your body provides instead of thoughtlessly doing what the fitness instructor tells you to do. If you are feeling exhausted, pause. If you do not, you may wind up injuring yourself.

If you wish to accelerate the overall time it requires getting you to the strength level you want, attempt doing your typical exercise set in ten percent less time. By doing this, you make your muscles work more and, as an added benefit, you enhance your endurance. So the next time you aim for that 30 minutes 5k run, attempt running it in twenty 7 minutes!

Use television to help motivate you to take part in your fitness routine. If you have a preferred show, just allow yourself to watch it if you are performing some type of physical activity while it is on. Consider running in place or doing standing lunges. You are more likely to exercise if you set up a plan that involves something you really enjoy.

Produce a stronger core by doing sit-ups the appropriate method. You can get a much better range of motions with sit-ups, therefore making your abdominal muscles work even more proficiently. It is very important that you not anchor your feet while doing these due to the fact that it can trigger lower back distress, which will reduce your capability to continue.

So, now do you see why fitness is such an exciting thing? Finding your very own physical fitness strategy and working upon it to make you stronger, leaner, and much healthier is absolutely exciting. The pointers above must have developed a great foundation for you to build on and discover your own physical fitness regimen.